• Control Employee Costs.
  • Monitor and automate Absenteeism, Buddy Clocking, Hours Worked.
  • Automate Payroll integration.
  • Streamline your Employee Management Process.

Using our expert consultants we have for the past 20 years provided our clients with leading Workforce management solutions allowing them the ability to focus on their core businesses with the peace of mind that their workforces are monitored and productive.

Synerion Workforce management solutions allow corporate clients the ability to monitor not just their dispersed workforces but also brings numerous other modules including:

  • Scheduling: Ideal for hospitality, logistics and government. The scheduling module allows advanced time scheduling of workforces, ensuring the right people are onsite at the right time, leveraging your human resources to get the maximum return.
  • Leave Management: This mobile enabled module allows companies the ability to ensure absence management is carefully controlled and accounted for.
  • Payroll integration: Seamlessly integrate Time and Attendance data into most payroll systems.